Kaltura: Download CaptureSpace Lite

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Kaltura's CaptureSpace Lite is a desktop recorder that allows user to record their screen, webcam, or voice. Before using CaptureSpace, it must be downloaded and installed.

To Download CaptureSpace Lite

Note: You will only need to download the program once.

1. Log into Moodle.

2. Click on Kaltura and then My Media in the Navigation block on the left. 

Kaltura My Media button

3. On the right, click the Add New menu and select CaptureSpace Lite.

CaptureSpace Lite button

4. Select the appropriate Download button for either Windows or Mac and follow the instructions to install the program.

CaptureSpace Lite download links

5. Return to the My Media area in Moodle, or launch CaptureSpace Lite from your desktop.


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