VLab 2.0: General Desktop Legacy

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General Desktop Legacy gives the user access to the following programs:

Miscellaneous Software:

  • ACL Desktop Education Edition, Cygwin, EndNote, FreeMat, IDEA, JMP 12, Maple 2015, Mathcad 3.1, MATLAB R2015a, SolidWorks 2012, SAS 9.4 with Enterprise Guide, SALT 2012, SAP, SPSS Statistics 23, SPSS Amos 23, Wolfram Mathematica 10.1.

Basic Software:

  • Microsoft Office 2013, Windows Accessories, Symantec Endpoint Protection, VMware, XPS Viewer, Ease of Access.

Extra Software:

  • Adobe Reader DC, PowerPoint Viewer, Notepad++, VideoLAN, Python 2.7.6, Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft Expression, NetBeans, Windows Phone SDK 8.1.

Media Players:

  • Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player.

Web Browsers:

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer.

To Access General Desktop Legacy in VLab 2.0:

1. Open VLab.

2. Login to the LSU Server (for help, use the Grok Article: VLab 2.0: Starting a Session in Windows).

Login window for the LSU Server in VLab

3. Double click vlab2.lsu.edu to login.

vlab2.lsu.edu icon highlighted

4. Select General Desktop Legacy from the list.

Logging into Engineering Desktop Legacy from the list of available desktops

5. You should now be logged into the General Desktop Legacy.


Referenced from: VLabs

12/21/2018 10:25:23 AM