VLab 2.0: Kaleidagraph Desktop

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The Kaleidagraph Desktop gives the user access to the following programs:

Kaleidagraph 4.0:

  • Kaleidagraph

Basic Software:

  • Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Accessories, Symantec Endpoint Protection, VMware, XPS Viewer, Ease of Access.

Media Players:

  • QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player.

Web Browsers:

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer.

To Access the Kaleidagraph Desktop in VLab 2.0:

1. Open VLab.

2. Login to the LSU Server (for help, use the Grok Article: VLab 2.0: Starting a Session in Windows).

Logging into the LSU Server

3. Double click vlab2.lsu.edu to login.

Logging into vlab2.lsu.edu to access desktop in VLabs

4. Select Kaleidagraph Desktop from the list.

Logging into Kaleidagraph Desktop from the list of available desktops

5. You should now be logged into the Kaleidagraph Desktop.

Logging into the Kaleidagraph program


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