Panopto: Embed a Video into a Moodle Activity or Resource

To Embed a Panopto Video within a Moodle Activity or Assignment:

1. Log in to Moodle, and open your desired course.

2. Locate your desired activity, and then select Edit | Edit Settings.

the edit settings button next to an activity or resource

3. Once the settings window opens, select the Panopto icon on the Description editor under the General tab.

the Panopto icon in the general settings of an activity or resource

4. From here you have two option. To add an existing Panopto video, check the box next to the video you would like to embed and then click Insert at the bottom left of the screen.

the check box and the insert button highlighted

5. To upload a new Panopto video, switch to the Upload tab. Then drag and drop your file into the upload box provided.

the upload button and the add new files box

6. After you have chosen the video from your files, click the check box and select insert.

the video check box and the insert button

7. Click the Save and Display button to apply changes.

save and display button




7/7/2020 11:31:04 AM