Outlook 2016: Basic Navigation Shortcuts

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 Outlook 2016: Basic Navigation Shortcuts


Function Command
Switch to Inbox

Ctrl + Shift + I

Switch to Outbox

Ctrl + Shift + O

Check names

Ctrl + K


Alt + S

Reply to a message

Ctrl + R

Reply All to a message

Ctrl + Shift + R

Reply with meeting request

Ctrl + Alt + R

Forward a message

Ctrl + F

Mark a message as not junk

Ctrl + Alt + J

Display blocked external content (in a message)

Ctrl + Shift + I

Post to a folder

Ctrl + Shift + S

Apply Normal style

Ctrl + Shift + N

Check for new messages

Ctrl + M or F9

Go to the previous message

The Up Arrow key

Go to the next message

The Down Arrow key

Create a message (when in Mail view)

Ctrl + N

Create a message (from any Outlook view)

Ctrl + Shift + M

Open a received message

Ctrl + O

Delete and ignore a conversation

Ctrl + Shift + D

Open the Address Book

Ctrl + Shift + B

Add a Quick flag to an unopened message


Display the Flag for follow up dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + G

Mark as read

Ctrl + Q

Mark as unread

Ctrl + U

Open the MailTip in the selected message

Ctrl + Shift + W

Find or replace


Find next

Shift + F4


Ctrl + Enter


Ctrl + P


Ctrl + F

Forward as attachment

Ctrl + Alt + F

Show the properties for the selected item

Alt + Enter

Mark for download

Ctrl + Alt + M

Check Mark for download status

Ctrl + Alt + U

Display Send/Receive progress

Ctrl + B (when a Send/Receive is in progress)


Referenced from: Microsoft

10/31/2018 10:42:55 AM