Outlook 2016: Frequently Used Shortcuts

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List of frequently used keyboard shortcuts for Outlook 2016:

Command Function
Close Esc or Enter
Go to Home tab Alt+H
New message Alt+H, N, 1
Send Alt+S
Insert file Alt+N, A, F
New item (in Task view) Alt+H, N, 1
Delete Delete (when a message, task, or meeting is selected)
Search Ctrl+E Alt+H, R, P
Reply Alt+H, R, P
Forward Alt+H, F, W
Reply All Alt+H, R, A

Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert

NOTE: Ctrl+Insert is not available in the Reading pane

Send/Receive Alt+S, S
Go to calendar Ctrl+2
Create appointment Ctrl+Shift+A
Move to folder Alt+H, M, V, select folder from list
Attachment SaveAs Alt+JA, A, S


Referenced: Support.office.com

10/31/2018 10:45:53 AM