Outlook 2016: Add / Edit Contacts

To Add / Edit Contacts:

1. Open Outlook 2016 in the Windows Start menu.

Outlook 2016 in the Start Menu

2. Open a message from the sender you want to add as a contact.

3. Hover over the email of the sender until a small box with more information appears above it.

Email address with a pop up box above it

4. At the bottom right-hand corner of the pop up box, click the down arrow.

The down arrow highlighted at the bottom right corner of the pop up box

5. From the screen that pops up, enter the name of your contact and any other information they may have, then click Save at the bottom right.

Adding contact screen with save button highlighted

6. If a Check Full Name window pops up when you try to click Save, simply click OK at the bottom of this window.

Check Name window after detecting a short contact name

7. Your contact has now been saved.

8. To edit a contact, click the Address Book button at the top right of the window.

The Address Book link in the ribbon bar at the top right area

9. Select the contact from the list in the center of the window that you want to edit, then right click and select Properties.

The Properties link in the right click context menu

10. From the window that appears, you can edit all aspects of your contact, from their information, phone numbers, webpages and IM addresses to their picture, company name, and job title. All of this information is optional, but can be filled in as much as desired.

The edit contact window showing all contact information fields


Referenced from: support.office.com

10/31/2018 10:36:51 AM