Moodle 3: Block: Edit Permission on Blocks

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Each block in Moodle has a setting that allows instructors to edit the Permission levels for that particular block. The Permissions are set to a role in Moodle - not an individual user or group of users.


To Edit Permissions on Blocks in Moodle 3:

1. Log in to Moodle.

2. Select the Edit button in the top right-hand corner.

Edit button

3. Select the Actions button (cogwheels) at the top of a Moodle Block, and then click Permissions on the drop down. 

Permissions option

4. From the Permissions page, users are allowed to add/remove different user permissions. 

Permissions settings

5. To add a role to the permissions list, select the Add button.

Add permissions button

6. Then choose the Role from the dialog box presented.

Role on the permissions dialog box.

7. To prohibit access to a role, click the red X to the right of the role.

X to the right of the role.

8. Select the Remove button to get of them.

Remove button


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