Moodle 3: Retention of Courses

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Retention of Courses:

LSU’s current course materials retention policy is 6 months, including student grades and coursework. As a matter of courtesy, ITS agreed to retain courses (including course backups) for a period of 3 major semesters after a course is taught. Due to severe storage constraints with the Moodle hosting site, LSU ITS will be required to adhere to previously established course data retention policies.

  • After the 2016 Fall semester, instructors will have access to archived files only for courses taught during the previous 3 major semesters (or approximately 18 months).
    • Examples:
      • In January 2017, instructors will be able to access archived course content from the Fall 2015 Semester and onward.
      • In August 2017, instructors will have access to archived course content from Spring 2016 and onward.
  • If you would like to save any content from courses that are older than 18 months, you have several options. The first option is to download and save the content to your own computer. The second option is to import the content into a Master Course in Moodle 3. For each course you teach, you can get a single Master Course created. Instructors can use a Master Course to create and store content for a course to be taught in a future semester. Students do not get enrolled in Master Courses. For instructions on how to request a Master Course, please visit GROK article 18456.
  • Backups of all Moodle 2 and Moodle 3 courses will be stored on the local LSU Moodle grade server. Please note, these local backups can only be restored to the grade server and will not be available for access in Moodle 3. For more information, please visit GROK article 18495
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