Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: HotPot Settings

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HotPotatoes (HotPot) is a free software tool that allows instructors to make quizzes and other activities like crossword puzzles. For more information, and to download the program, visit the Hot Potatoes Home Page. Instructors will need to create the activity and save the file before adding the activity. For instructions on adding a HotPot activity to Moodle, see Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add a HotPot Activity.

HotPot Settings

General Settings:

The General settings allows the instructor to use the name of the file as the title of the activity or to enter specific text. To change the default title setting of "Get from source file," use the drop-down menu to make a selection. The source file will need to be added by either dragging and dropping into the file selection box, or use the Add button. (The icon looks like a piece of paper with a plus on it.)

Hotpot general settings in moodle 3

Entry Page Settings:

An entry page, if enabled, will show students a page before starting the HotPot activity. The Entry page text could include additional instructions. Below the text box, the instructor can choose to show students their grading and attempts on the entry page by checking the boxes next to each option.

Hotpot entry page settings in moodle 3

Exit Page Settings:

The Exit page settings are similar to the Entry page, but there are additional options. The Exit Page can link to the main course page, or other activity, and provide an exit message after a student has attempted the activity.

Hotpot exit page settings in moodle 3

Display Settings:

The output format options depend upon the type of activity and source file has been added. Keeping the default Best option will use the optimal output format for the student's browser. By clicking the Show more link, instructors can make additional selections regarding the activity title, whether students can paste text, include a stop button, use the Moodle filters and course glossary, and whether to allow students to discuss the activity with their instructor and classmates via a webpage or Moodle forum.

Hotpot display settings in moodle 3

Access Control Settings:

Hotpot access control settings in moodle 3

Review Options Settings:

Hotpot review options settings in moodle 3

Extra Restrictions on Attempts Settings:

Hotpot extra restrictions on attempts settings

Grades Settings:

Hotpot grades settings in moodle 3

Common Module Settings:

Hotpot common module settings in moodle 3

Access Restriction Settings:

Hotpot access restriction settings in moodle 3

Activity Completion Settings:

Hotpot activity completion settings in moodle 3

Tags Settings:

Hotpot tags settings in moodle 3

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