Moodle 3: Gradebook: Edit Overall Grade Decimal Points

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This setting determines the number of decimal points to display for each grade.

Editing Grade Decimal Points

1. Select Gradebook setup from the administration block.

the gradebook setup option in the administration block

2. Next, select Course grade settings from the administration block.

course grade settings in the administration block

3. In the Graded Items settings section, you can find the Overall decimal points settings drop down menu. From here, choose the decimal points for the overall grade. This setting will apply to all future graded items and the course total.

the overall decimal points settings drop down menu

You can also change the Overall Decimal points settings for individual graded items.

1. In Gradebook setup, select edit and click edit settings next to the item you would like to edit.

edit settings button

2.  In the Graded Item section, select the Show more... button.

the show more button

3. From here you can edit the overall decimal points settings. Changing the decimal point settings at the item level will override the course grade settings for that item.

the overall decimal points settings

4. Save changes.

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