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The Kaltura Media Assignment allows students to submit media for a grade. Submissions can be audio, video, or images. For steps on creating a Kaltura Media assignment, see Kaltura: Adding a Kaltura Media Assignment.

Kaltura Media Assignment Settings

General Settings:

The General settings requires instructors to give the assignment a name. The description is optional, but could include instructions or an overview of the expectations. The dates (if enabled) determine the time when students can begin submitting their video, and what the due date is. (Note that the time is the 24-hour clock.) Instructors can choose to allows late submissions and resubmissions. They can also elect to receive an email alert for each submission.

General Settings

General Settings screenshot #2

Grade Settings:

Instructors can change the type of grade to "None" if they do not want the assignment to be excluded from the gradebook calculations. Although they type can be changed to "Scale," it is recommended that instructor use "Point" instead. When "Point" is used, the instructor can designate a maximum grade and select the grade category in which it belongs in the gradebook. (This will only be an option if categories have already been created in the gradebook.)

Grade Settings

Common Module Settings:

These settings specify the visibility of the assignment for students (Hide/Show), and the group mode and grouping can be designated.

Common Module Settings

Restrict Access Settings:

The assignment can be restricted based upon a date, group, activity completion of another activity/resource in the course, etc.

NOTE: If more than one restriction is added, students must meet EACH of the requirements before the assignment becomes available.

Restrict Access Settings

Activity Completion Settings:

By default, students can manually mark the assignment as complete, but an instructor can change this to be required. If required, the students can be marked complete by viewing the activity and/or receiving a grade.

Activity Completion Settings

Tags Settings:

Tags are keywords that can be added to an activity or resource.

Tags Settings

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