Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: BigBlueButton Settings

For instructions on how to add a BigBlueButton activity to your course, view Moodle 3:Activities & Resources: Add a BigBlueButton Teleconference.

BigBlueButton Settings

General Settings

In the General settings, the instructor can create a title for the virtual classroom. By clicking on "Show more," the intructor can set additional settings, such as a description, adding a welcome message, and whether students must wait for the moderator before entering the session.

General settings

General settings


Participant Settings

In the Participant settings, the instructor can designate the permissions of each role in Moodle. The options are either a Viewer or a Moderator.

Participants settings

Schedule for Sessions Settings

Instructors can set specific meeting times, or leave it open.

Schedule for Sessions settings

Common Module Settings

These settings specify the visibility of the virtual classroom for students (Hide/Show), and the group mode and grouping can be designated.

Common Module settings

Restrict Access Settings

The BigBlueButton session can be restricted based upon a date, group, activity completion of another activity/resource in the course, etc.

NOTE: If more than one restriction is added, students must meet EACH of the requirements before the activity becomes available.

Restrict Access settings


Activity Completion Settings

By default, students can manually mark the BigBlueButton conference as complete, but an instructor can change this to be required. If required, the students can be marked complete by viewing the activity.

Activity Completion settings


Tags Settings

Tags are keywords that can be added to an activity or resource.

Tags Settings

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