Faculty360: Importing from LSU Libraries Discovery System

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Importing from LSU Libraries Discovery System

1. Visit the Libraries home page http://lib.lsu.edu, and search Author and name in Discovery. Discovery pulls citations from a variety of databases, but it is not comprehensive.

LSU Libraries Discovery search option

2. Select the publication results you want to import to Faculty360 by clicking on the folder icon on the right.

Search Results with folder on the right side.

3. Click on the folder icon at the top of the screen and you will see the selected items.

Folder Contents showing the folder button at the top of the page

4. Select the “Page Options” drop-down menu and choose the “Detailed” view for the results. Next select the Export option on the right.

Page Options and the Export button

5. Chose the option to save your citations in BibTeX format.

BibTeX format option

6. The results will display in the same browser window. Copy and paste the body of the text ONLY. This is the text after “References.”

 Copy and Paste the body of the text after References

7. Open a text editor like NotePad or any software that will enable you to create a plain text file. Recommend that you do NOT use Microsoft Word. Copy and paste the text into the text editor file. Click File – Save as  and name the file with the extension .bib. Example: “export.bib”

File - Save As window

8. Log in to Faculty360 via My LSU. Click the Publications link.

Opening Faculty360 and click the Publications link

9. Select “Import Items.”

 Import Items button

10. Select Option A and navigate to the .bib file you saved.

Selecting and navigating Option A

11. The next step is to match collaborators. Non-LSU collaborators will not match any user accounts.

Match collaborators

12. In Review and Finish you may click through to view all records. Records can be edited after they are imported.

Review and Finish

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