Moodle 3: Gradebook: Show / Hide Graded Items

Moodle allows instructors to hide grades manually, or hide grades until a scheduled date.

To Hide/Show Graded Items:

1. Login to Moodle and open your desired course.

2. Under the Administration Block, select Gradebook Setup.

Gradebook Setup under the Administration block

3. Locate the grade you wish to show or hide. Click the Edit button at the end of the row under the Actions column. Then select Hide from the drop down menu

Hide options on the Edit dropdown

4. When hidden, the item will display red with the indicator (hidden) after the title. Select Show from the drop down menu to unhide the graded item. The title is purple when shown.

Gradebook items hidden or shown


Referenced from: Moodle

7/29/2020 5:16:54 PM