Microsoft Imagine Academy: Access Imagine Academy


To Access Microsoft Imagine Academy:

1. Submit a ticket to the ITS Helpdesk.

  • Please include:
    • Title: Requesting Access to Microsoft Imagine Academy
    • In body: Please assign to Training agents

2. Once your request has been accepted, you should receive an email from Microsoft. Click the Sign in for the first time link towards the left of the screen.

email from the Microsoft Imagine Academy.

3. You will be brought to a Sign In screen. Sign in with your Microsoft account or select Create One! to create a new Microsoft account. Click Sign in when finished.

Microsoft sign in menu

4. Read the Terms of Use, and check the box next to I Accept. Then select Continue.

Agreement to terms window

5. The Microsoft Imagine Profile window will appear. Enter the required information.

Microsoft Image user profile

6. Select the Save button to apply changes.

Save button

7. You should now be able to access your Microsoft Imagine Academy Home page.

Microsoft imagine home.

10/17/2017 10:16:16 AM