SQL Server Express: Installation Instructions (Windows)

To Install SQL Server Express on a Windows Operating System:

1. Go to TigerWare. At the bottom select the button labeled 32 bit or 64 bit depending on your operating system.

TigerWare download buttons

2. A browser download button will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. When it is done downloading, click the button.

3. The program will ask for a Directory for Extracted files. Keep the default location and click OK.

4. After the files are extracted, the SQL installation center will open up. Select New SQL Server.

 New SQL Server

5. The Licence Agreement will appear. Click the checkbox agreeing to the terms of the Licence Agreement. Click Next to continue.

Licence Agreement

6. After initial installing, a Feature Selection window will appear. Keep the default selected and click Next to Continue.

Feature Selection

7. The Instance Configuration step will appear next. Keep the default selected. Click Next to continue.

Instance Configuration

8. The Server Configuration follows that step. Keep the default selected. Click Next to continue.

Server Configuration

9. Database Engine Configuration is next. Keep the default selected unless other administrators are needed. Click Next to continue.

Database Engine Configuration

10. Reporting Services Configuration. Select whether you wish to Install and Configure or just Install. Click Next to continue.

Reporting Service Configuration

11. When the program is done installing, Click Finish.


Referenced from: Microsoft

6/26/2019 12:54:38 PM