Moodle 3: Blocks: Advanced Forum Search

The Search Forums Block allows users to search existing forums within a course for a specific word or phrase mentioned. It also provides the options to "Advance Search."

NOTE: At least one forum must be added and responses recorded in order to use the Search Forums block and the Advanced Forum Search features. See Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add a Forum on how to add a discussion forum to a course.


To Use the Advanced Forum Search:

1. Log into your Moodle course and click Edit at the top right of the page to turn editing On.

edit button

2. Locate your Search Forums block. (See: How to add the Search Forums block).

3. Select the Advanced Search link under the text box.

Advanced Search link.

4.  Here you will have the following Advanced Search options:

  • These words can appear anywhere in the post: This functions in the same manner as the Search field. Type one or more words to search of the forum posts in which they appear.

  • This exact phrase must appear in the post: This option searches for an exact phrase within a course forum post.

  • These words should NOT be included: This option can be used for particular words you wish to not be included in the search.

  • Posts must be newer / older than: This option narrows the number of forum posts according to time limits.

  • Choose which forums to search: This allows searching within a certain forum.

  • These words should be in the subject: This narrows the number of posts found to the text within a subject.

  • This name should match the author: This options allows searching by author or username.

Advanced search forum options

5. After entering the desired information, click Search Forums at the bottom of the page.


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