HTML-Kit: Installation Instructions (Windows)

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To Install HTML-Kit on a Windows Operating System:

1. Log into TigerWare to download.

2. Click blue Download button under Downloads for Authorized Users.

HTML-Kit download button on TigerWare

3. Click Save File to begin download.

HTML-Kit save file button

4. If prompted, select Yes to allow changes to be made to computer.

5. To begin installation process, click Next on the HTML-Kit Setup Wizard welcome screen.

HTML-Kit Setup Wizard welcome screen

6. Select the I accept the agreement bubble under the License Agreement, then click Next.

HTML-Kit license agreement

7. Choose the destination location where the program will be installed, then click Next.

HTML-Kit installation destination location

8. Check the boxes next to the components to be installed, then click Next.

HTML-Kit installation component selection

9. Select a start menu folder where program shortcuts will be held, then click Next.

HTML-Kit shorcut folder selection

10. Setup is now ready to begin installing. If settings are not correct, click Back. If they are correct, click Install.

HTML-Kit ready to install screen

11. Program will begin installing. When complete, click Finish.

HTML-Kit installation loading screen

HTML-Kit installation complete screen

12. HTML-Kit is now ready for use.


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