NASA World Wind: Installation instructions (Windows)

To Install NASA World Wind on a Windows Operating System:

1. Log in to TigerWare.

2. Click the download link found under Download for Authorized Users.

download NASA World Wind from TigerWare

3. Choose the Save File button on the new dialog box.

Save File dialog box for NASA World WInd

4. Select your preferred Language.

Select the desired language for the program

5. In order to install NASA World Wind, Managed Direct X needs to install support files on your computer.

installation permission for Managed Direct X Support Files

6. Run the Setup for DirectX and Accept the Agreement to continue.

Set up wizard for Managed Directx

7. Install the Direct 9.0 Runtime package.

Installation window for DirectX 9.0

8. DirectX will begin installing the necessary components to run on your computer.

DirectX installation status bar

9.  The installation of Direct X should be completed and now the installation of NASA World Wind can begin.

completed installation wizard for DirectX

10. Click Next on the Setup Wizard.

Setup wizard for NASA World Wind

11. Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

Terms and Agreement for NASA World WInd

12. Choose the Desired Components to install along with the program.

Choose components to install along with NASA World WInd

13. Choose an Install Location for NASA World Wind.

choose an Install Location for NASA World Wind

14. NASA World Wind will begin installation and once complete, select Next.

NASA World Wind installation status bar

15. NASA World Wind should now be installed on your operating system.

Completed installation window


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