TSM Client 7.1.1: Installation Instructions (Linux)


Install TSM Client 7.1.1 on Linux:

1. Log into TigerWare to download.

2. Click green Download button under Downloads for Authorized Users.

TSM Client download options on TigerWare


3. If you are using a type of ubuntu or debian linux, you will need to install alien first in order to convert the package to debian format. Run the command below to install alien, if needed. If you are not using debian linux, skip to step 6.

sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev debhelper build-essential


4. Change your directory to the folder you downloaded TSM in, then extract the compressed file into a normal folder.

5. You will need to convert each package in this folder to debian, then install each one separately. A list of the packages you must install in order can be found here: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7_7.1.1/com.ibm.itsm.client.doc/t_inst_aixclient.html

5. Convert each TSM package to debian using the alien convert command.

sudo alien packagename.rpm


5. Now, using alien, install each debian TSM client with the alien install comand. Note that if a package was in all caps, alien will convert the letters to lowercase, and if there were underscores in the name, they will be changed to dashes.

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb


6. To install TSM from the RPM package you downloaded, <needs to be finished>




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