GaussView: Installation Instruction (Windows)

To Install GaussView on a Windows Operating System:

1. Log into TigerWare and open the GaussView downloadYou can choose the 32-bit or the 64-bit. 

gaussview download in tigeware


2. When the zip folder opens, double click on the Setup.exe file. 

gaussview zip file


3. The GaussView setup wizard will open. Click Next. 

gaussview setup wizard intro

4. Read through the copyrights listed in the window and click Next. 

gaussview installation copyrights

5. Enter your name, company, and serial number, then click Next. 

NOTE: The Serial number can be found on the GaussView Tigerware entry.

entering information and serial number for gausview install

6. Choose a folder for the install location of the GaussView files. Click Next. 

choosing install location for gaussview

7. Choose locations for the Gaussview icons and click Next. 

choosing gaussview icon locations

8. Choose Gaussian file extensions to associate with Gaussview then click next. 

choosing gaussian file type extensions

9. Choose other file extensions to add to the Gaussview program then click Install

choosing other file associations

10. Click Finish to complete the process. 

installation completion window for gaussview setup

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