MySQL 5.7: Installation Instructions (Mac)

How to Install mySQL 5.7:

1. Visit the mySQL download page.

2. Choose Mac OS X from the Select Platform options. 

Platform options

3. Click Download on the version you desire. DMG Archive recommended. 

Application Versions

4. To authorize the download, select Login.

NOTE: If you do not have an Oracle Web account, click Sign Up to create an account. 

Log In / Sign Up page

5. Sign In to Oracle with your username and password and select Sign In

Oracle Login page

6. To authorize the download fill out the MySQL Survey, then click Submit Form

Oracle Authorization Survey

7. Click the Download Now button. When the download is finished, open the installer package. 

Download button

8. On the installation window, select Continue.

Installation Introduction Window

9. Read the License Agreement then select Continue

License Agreement

10. Select Agree from the License Agree window. 

Select Agree after License

11. Select Install

NOTE: You may change the location of the installation by selecting Change Install Location

Installation Type Window

12. MySQL will generate a temporary password for you. Write it down for your own safekeeping, then select OK

MySQL Password window

13. When the installation is finished, select Close

Installation Window


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