Community Moodle: Administration Block: Self Enrollment Method

Please Note:  Additional methods to enroll participants include using the Administration block and the Enroll Users CSV block.

The Self Enrollment method block allows the instructor to determine the settings for which self enrollment is possible for the course. Self enrollment is the method where users can choose to enroll themselves into a course, either by clicking "enroll me in this course" or by typing in an enrollment key they have been provided. This method needs to be enabled by someone in the instructor role in the course. 

To Access the Self Enrollment Method:

1. Login to Community Moodle.

2. Select the course whose enrollment methods need to be edited. 

3. Click on Users | Enrollment methods under the Users tab in the Course Administration panel.

Enrollment methods option

4. Select the Enable (eye) icon in the Self Enrollment row.

enable icon on the self enrollment window

5. Select the Edit (gear) icon in the Self Enrollment row.

Enrollment methods page, edit button highlighted

6. The instructor will then need to set up the various options regarding enrollments. When finished, select Save Changes.

NOTE: It is recommended that faculty set an 'enrollment key' so that the users need the password in order to get access to the course.

Self Enrollment Settings



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