Cygwin: Installation Instructions (Windows)


Installing Cygwin on your Windows Operating System:

1. Open the Tigerware page containing the Cygwin download. Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit download. 

Cygwin download in tigerware


2. The Cygwin setup program will appear. Click Next. 

Cygwin setup program introduction screen


3.  Choose the type of installation you want to use and click Next. 

Choosing a download source window for cygwin install


4. Select the directory where you wish the Cygwin files to be installed. You can also choose whether to install the program for all users or only your profile. Click Next. 

selecting root install directory window- cygwin install


5.  Select a directory where you want the installation files that are downloaded in the process. Click Next. 

selecting local package directory- cygwin setup


6. Select the internet connection that you want to use for the installation. Click Next. 

selecting internet connection for cygwin instal


7.  Choose one of the download sites from the list, or add a site of your own. Click Next. 

choosing download site for cygwin installation


8. Select packages to install then click Next. 

selecting packages for cygwin installation


9. Review the resolving dependencies window and click Next. 

resolcving dependecies window


10. Change the Create icons settings how you like and click Finish. 

finishing cygwin installation .


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