Mathematica 11: Installation Instructions for Faculty & Staff (Windows)


NOTE: These instructions are for the Faculty & Staff version only, also known as "Institutional."

To Install Mathematica 11 on Windows:

1. Click the link found under the Download section at the bottom of the Mathematica 11 page on Tigerware.

Mathematica 11 Institutional download from tigerware

2. Extract the setup.exe file from the zip file by selecting setup.exe, then clicking the Extract button, then clicking OK. Navigate to the folder you extracted it to, then double click the file.

Mathematica institutional zip file setup extraction

3. The Wolfram Mathematica setup wizard will pop up. Click Next at the bottom right of the window.

wolfram mathematica setup wizard with next button highlighted

4. Select the Destination Location, then click Next again.

destination location window with next highlighted

5. Select all of the components offered, then click Next.

components window with next highlighted


6. Choose the name and location of the start menu folder then click Next

start menu folder window with next highlighted

7. Setup is now ready, click Install in the same location Next has been.

 ready to install window with install highlighted

8. Install is complete, click Finish in the same location next has been.

 finish window with finish highlighted

9. To activate Mathematica: Mathematica 11: Activation Instructions

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