Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Create a Rubric for an Assignment

Rubrics are an advanced grading method used for criteria-based assessment. The rubric consists of a set of criteria plotted against levels of achievement. A numeric grade is assigned to each level. For each criterion, the assessor chooses the level they judge the work to have reached. The raw rubric score is calculated as a sum of all criteria grades. The final grade is calculated by comparing the actual score with the worst/best possible score that could be received.

(To learn how to add an Assignment to your course, view Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Add an Assignment.)

To Create a Rubric in an Assignment:

1. Login to Moodle.

2. Click the Edit button at the top right of the screen. Locate the assignment you would like to enable the rubric on and select edit settings.

the edit settings button next to an assignment

3. On the edit settings page, find the Grade drop down menu. Change the Grading Method to Rubric.

the grade drop down menu is highlighted and the grading method drop down menu is also highlighted

4. Choose the Save and Display button.

Save and display button at bottom

Note: The rubric can also be accessed in the assignment's administration block under Advanced Grading.

5. On the Advanced grading page, you can create the rubric for the assignment. There are two options for creating the rubric: creating the rubric from scratch or creating the rubric using a template. If you have no templates saved, select Define new grading form from scratch

the advanced grading page.

6. Give the rubric a Name and an optional description.

define rubric from scratch window

7. Click to edit a criterion and Click to edit level lets you tab through the rubric to type a description and assign points to each level. Describe further criteria and levels as appropriate. Set Rubric options.

NOTE: In order to calculate correctly, the base level for each criterion MUST be 0.

"Click to edit a criterion" and "Click to edit level options" for each level. 

8. After filling out the information select Save rubric and make it ready.

Save Rubric and make it Ready button


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