Moodle 3: Blocks: View History in MoodleMail


If an instructor sends Moodle Mail, he/she can view the history within the Moodle Mail block.

NOTE: If a student claims they have not received an email, they may need to check their Spam or Junk folders.

To View Your History in Moodle Mail:

1. Log in to Moodle and select your course.

2. In the Moodle Mail block, select View History.

If you DO NOT see the Moodle Mail block, you may need to TURN THIS BLOCK ON.

the moodle mail block with the cursor over view history

3. You should be directed to the Moodle Mail History window. Clicking on the magnifying glass will open email and will display the message and the recipient list. If the Status says that all messages sent successfully, nothing more needs to be done. If a student claims they did not receive an email, have the student check the Spam and Junk folders of their email provides, as many students have their LSUMail forwarded.

If the Status says that the email failed to send, check the recipient list and try to Send again.

the moodle mail history window

Turn this Block ON

*NOTE: You will need to do these steps if you do not see the Moodle Mail block on your Moodle page.

1. Log into your course and click Edit in the top-right corner of the page to turn editing on. 

Edit button

2. Select Moodle Mail in the Add a Block drop-down box.

Add a Block box

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