Moodle 3: Gradebook: Gradebook Setup

The Gradebook setup page provides instructors access to set up and make changes to their Moodle course gradebook. Options available in this view include creating and editing grade categories and graded items. For more information regarding the Moodle gradebook feature, please visit GROK article # 18487 "Moodle 3 Gradebook: LSU Overview"

To Access the Gradebook Setup:

1. Log in to Moodle and open your desired course.

2. Click on the Setup link in the Administration Block on your course front page and select Gradebook Setup.

Gradebook Setup option

3. You can now edit the weight and max grade of categories and graded items.

NOTE: The maximum grade for an activity-based graded item must be updated in the activity settings.

Gradebook Setup page

4. Hide or Show graded items and categories in the Edit dropdown menu to the right.

Hide button

Hidden indication and Show button

NOTE: When an item has been hidden, "(hidden)" will display next to it.

5. Delete categories or graded items in the Edit dropdown menu to the right.

NOTE: Activity-based graded items must be deleted from the course home page.

6. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. 


For Snap-themed Moodle course instructions please see the following article: SNAP: Gradebook: Gradebook Setup

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