Moodle 3: Blocks: CPS: Cross-Listing a Moodle Course

Moodle 3: Cross-Listing a Moodle course

      Cross-listing allows an instructor to create a single Moodle course that combines multiple courses that they are teaching. Students in different courses and sections will be enrolled as different groups in the single Moodle course.

NOTE: It is recommended that you cross-list your courses before importing materials in either of your individual courses. When the cross-listed course gets created, it is an empty course and your original individual courses will be removed. Once your course is crosslisted, you can then import or add any content.

Initiate a Cross-Listed Course

1. Log on to Moodle.

2. Click on the Cross-listing link in the Course Preferences System block on the Home level of Moodle.

Cross-listing on the Course Preferences block

3. Click the boxes to the right of the courses that you want to cross-list & click Next.

 Cross-listing options for courses

4. Select the number of new course shells that you want to create. If you are cross-listing only 2 courses, your only option is 1 shell. If you are cross-listing several courses in different combinations, you can select to have more shell courses created.

 cross-listing shells window

5. Select each course and section to the right and then click the right arrow key to move it into the desired course shell destination box to the left. If you selected more than one course shell to be created, you will see each course shell as a different destination box.

cross-listing away options.

6. You can customize the name of the new cross-listed course by clicking the Customize Name link. Click the Next button when done.

7. Click the Next button if all is correct.

cross-listing review screen

Note: The course shell will be created immediately. The students will be enrolled overnight.


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