Moodle 3: Blocks: Navigation Block (Students)

Moodle 3: Blocks: Navigation Block (Students)


   Student Navigation block


> Site blogs - View blog posts and responses from other Moodle participants.

Site badges - View badges from other Moodle users

Tags - View and click on tags that were used in different blog posts. This makes it easy to quickly find topics that others are talking about.

Calendar - See assignments and tests for different courses combined into one place.

Site news - Where you can view and read the news that was posted to the course.

Profile: View and edit your profile settings such as your country, city, and email.

> My Media

Current Course: Navigate to all components of the course you are currently viewing. 

[Course Name]

> Student / Users

> Badges

> Course badges

> General


> Topics - Each topic will have its individual components in the folder. 

> Kaltura Course Media

My courses: Navigate to all of the different courses for which you are currently enrolled.

> [Course Name]

> Student / Users

> Course blogs

> [Student Name]

> View profile

> Forum posts

> Blogs

> Messages

> General

> News forum




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