Moodle 3: Blocks: Customizing Block Layout

Moodle 3: Blocks: Customizing Block Layout

Content on each Moodle page is organized in rectangular sections, called Blocks. You can change the layout and appearance of your Moodle page by hiding, docking, and rearranging your Blocks.

Contract or Expand a Block

1. You can reduce a block to just its title bar by clicking the Hide Block button, which is the Minus Sign icon. This action hides the area of the Block that contains its content.

Hide Block button, the minus icon to the top right of a block

2. To restore and expand a Block’s content, click the Show Block button, which is the Plus Sign icon.

Show Block button in same place where hide block icon was

Block Docking

1. You can reduce the size of your Blocks even further by using the Block Docking icon. In each block there is a docking icon in the upper right.

Block Docking button, the arrow icon to the top right of a block

2. Clicking this icon will send the block to the Dock Area on the right, reducing it to a small horizontal tab showing only its name.

Docked Block Sidebar Area

3. To restore the block to its normal position, hover over the tab and select the Undock Block icon.

The Undock button in the Docked Block

Set the Weights for a Block

1. Click the Edit button in the upper right of the My Courses page.

Edit button

2. Click the Configuration (gear shaped) icon in a block that you want to move, then select Configure Block

Configure icon and configure block option

3. Click the On this page section near the bottom of the page. Here, you can edit the Visibility, Region, and Weight for a block. Set the weight by selecting a number from the Weight dropdown menu.

NOTE: The weights are valued from -10 to 10. A block with a weight of -10 will hold the highest location on the page and one with a value of 10 will move to the lowest.

On this page section

4. The Region setting determines what side of the screen a block will be placed in. Its options are Left, RightFooter (Left, Middle, or Right), or Hidden from users.

Region dropdown menu

5. Click the Save Changes button.  The blocks will reorder themselves according to the weights you set.

Save changes button at the bottom

Change the Position of a Block

1. You can also change the position that a block occupies on the screen by clicking its Move icon.

2. Click the Edit button in the upper right of the page.

3. Left-click the Move icon and drag the block to the desired location.

Move icon location in block, to the left of the gear icon

4. The Block will relocate immediately to that location.

Add A New Block

1. Click Edit in the upper right of the page.

2. In the Add A Block block, Select the Block that you want to add from the drop-down box.

Add a Block drop-down menu

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