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Embedded Answers (Cloze) questions consist of a passage of text that has various answers embedded in it. These answers can be in a multiple choice, short answer or numerical format. When creating the passage of text, instructors will need to be aware of the specific formatting rules for each embedded answer. These rules are included below and are referenced from

Embedded answer sample


To Add an Embedded Answers (Cloze) Question to the Question Bank:

1. Open Moodle and select your course.

   2. In the Administration block, click the folder labeled Question Bank, then select Questions.

Questions option under the Administrator block

3. Click Create a new question.

4. Select Embedded Answers from the sidebar to the left.

Embedded answers option for Quiz Questions

5. Click Add at the bottom.

6. General Settings include a Question Name and Text, and are required. Optional settings include Category and General feedback.

NOTE: It is suggested that the instructor make sure that the category is correct for organizational reasons and that the question name be something specific (other than Number 1) so that it is easier to find and edit them later.

Question name and text blanks

7. When creating an Embedded Answer question, enter the passage in the Question text field. The structure of each embedded sub-question is identical:

  • { start the cloze sub-question with a bracket (AltGr+7)
  • define a grade for each cloze by a number (optional). This is used for calculation of question grading.
  • :SHORTANSWER: define the type of cloze sub-question. Definition is bounded by ':'.
  • ~ is a separator between answer options
  • = marks a correct answer
  • # marks the beginning of an (optional) feedback message
  • } close the cloze sub-question at the end with a bracket (AltGr+0)

   The types of answer options are designated by the following codes:

  • short answers (SHORTANSWER or SA or MW), case is unimportant,
  • short answers (SHORTANSWER_C or SAC or MWC), case must match,
  • numerical answers (NUMERICAL or NM),
  • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE or MC), represented as a dropdown menu in-line in the text,
  • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_V or MCV), represented as a vertical column of radio buttons, or
  • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_H or MCH), represented as a horizontal row of radio-buttons,
  • when the quiz question behavior shuffle option IS SET YES, the following multiple choice sub-questions elements will be shuffled,
    • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_S or MCS), represented as a dropdown menu in-line in the text,
    • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_VS or MCVS), represented as a vertical column of radio buttons, or
    • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_HS or MCHS), represented as a horizontal row of radio-buttons.


Embedded answer question example as the written code

For the above question, the results would be the following:

Embedded answer question results in drop down boxes

8. If the Quiz Question Behavior is set to 'Interactive with multiple tries', the instructor can set a penalty for each incorrect try and provide hints for subsequent attempts.

Penalty options for an incorrect answer

9. Tags is an optional feature that allows an instructor to assign key words pertaining to a specific question. When desired settings are applied, click Save changes at the bottom.

Tag options

To add your newly created question to a Quiz, see the GROK article Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz.

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