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Matching questions consist of a content area (which may include a list of sub-questions) and a list of names or statements that students must match correctly. Each match is equally weighted to contribute towards the grade for the total question. (For example, if a Matching question has 10 pairs and is worth 10 points, a student could score an 8/10 for that question.)

To Add a Matching Question to the Question Bank:

1. Open Moodle and select your course.

2. In the Administration block, click the folder next to Question Bank and select Questions.

Administration tab

3. Click Create a new question.

Question bank window

4. Select Matching for the question type and click Add at the bottom.

The matching option selected from the sidebar at the left

5. General question settings include required settings: Question Name, Question text and Default mark (total point value). Optional settings include Category and General feedback.

NOTE: It is suggested that the instructor make sure that the category is correct for organizational reasons and that the question name be something specific (other than Number 1) so that it is easier to find and edit them later.

General settings for creating a quiz question

6. At least two questions and three answers are required for a matching question. It is recommended that the longer text is entered as the question. (The answers appear in drop-down list, which would be difficult to read if it contains the longer text.) You can have more answers than you do questions to increase the difficulty.

Where you enter your multiple answers for matching questions.

7. Another optional setting is feedback: For any correct response, For any partially correct response, and For any incorrect response.

Where you choose your options for correct, partially correct, and incorrect responses

8. Penalty for each incorrect try is required if the Quiz Question Behavior is set to 'Interactive with multiple tries', and will change the percentage deducted for incorrect tries. Hints are optional and can be applied to help the student figure out problems on their subsequent tries.

Where you set penalties for multiple incorrect tries and give hints.

9. Tags is an optional feature that allows an instructor to assign key words pertaining to a specific question.

Tags options

10. Then click Save changes when finished applying desired settings.

The save changes buttons for quizzes

To add your newly created question to a quiz, see Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz.

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