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The Select Missing Words question is very similar to the Drag and Drop into Text question type, but the words/phrases are in a dropdown menu. This is helpful when the text is quite long and students would have to scroll a lot to drag and drop.

Select Missing Words example


To Add a Select Missing Words Question to the Question Bank:

1. Open Moodle and select your course.

2. In the Administration block, click the folder to the left of Question Bank, then select Questions.

Questions settings in the Administration block

3. Click Create a new question.

4. Select the category, Select Missing Words, from the sidebar at the left.

Select Missing words option for Quiz Questions

5. Click Add at the bottom.

6. Enter the Question name, Question text, and Default points which are Required Settings.

Question name, question text, and default points text boxes

7. When entering the Question Text, use double square brackets '[[n]]' with a number in place of the word or phrase that will be correct, i.e. the one you wish the students to select from the list.

Select missing words text

8. Add the missing words or phrases in the Choice section. Add extra choices to increase difficulty. If Shuffle is selected, the display order will be shuffled for each student. Choices in the same Group will only appear in lists of an appropriate blank.

Select Missing Words choices

9. Combined feedback and Multiple tries are optional settings. If a Quiz is set to 'Interactive with multiple tries', an instructor will need to set a Penalty and hints to assist students in their subsequent attempts. By default the penalty is set to '1'.

10. Tags is an Optional feature that allows an instructor to assign key words pertaining to a specific question.

Tags options

11. When done, click Save Changes at the bottom.

To add your newly created question to a quiz, see Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz.

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