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For a Drag and Drop into Text question, missing words in the question text are filled in using drag and drop.


Drag Drop Onto Text Sample Question

To Add a Drag and Drop into Text Question to the Question Bank:

1. Open Moodle and select your course.

2. In the Administration block, click the folder icon to the left of the Question Bank option, then select Questions.

Question link in Administrator block

3. Click Create a new question.

4. Select Drag and Drop into Text from the sidebar on the left.

Drag and drop into text option

5. Click Add at the bottom.

6. Enter the Question name, Question text, and Default points which are Required Settings for the Drag and Drop into Text Question.

Question name, question text, and default point text fields

7. When entering the Question text, use double square brackets with a number in place of the word or phrases you wish the students to find.

Question text sample

8. Add the missing words or phrases in the corresponding numbered boxes in the Choice section. You may add extra words/phrases to increase difficulty. If you select Shuffle, the display order will be shuffled for each student. Choices within the same group are color coded and can only be dropped into a field of the same color. Choices that are unlimited may be used in multiple locations.

a list of Answer Choice text fields and options

9. Complete the Feedback options.

10. The Penalty for each incorrect try is set to 1 by default. This is only applied if the quiz is set to adaptive mode.

11. Tags is an Optional feature that allows an instructor to assign key words pertaining to a specific question.

Tag options

12. Click Save changes at the bottom to save your question.

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