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Quiz Extra Restrictions Settings

Instructors can customize the Extra Restrictions, which are optional. If an instructor requires a password, students must enter that password for each attempt (even if the quiz is set to allow only 1 attempt). Instructors can also designate access to subnets on the LAN or internet by specifying a comma-separated list of partial or full IP address numbers. This is useful for proctored exams to ensure that only people in a certain room/area are able to access the quiz.

Instructors can also set a time (from seconds to weeks) between subsequent attempts. (This will only take effect if the Quiz is set to allow more than one attempt).

There is also an option to set limited browser restrictions. If Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security is chosen, the quiz will open in a pop-up window that covers the whole screen and have no course navigation options. It will also help prevent (as far as is possible) copy/paste commands. However, students must be using a JavaScript-enabled web-browser and may need to unblock pop-up windows. This option can make some forms of cheating harder for students, but can also make it more inconvenient and is not fool-proof.

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Extra Restrictions settings

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