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Quiz Grade Settings

Instructors can customize the Quiz Grade Settings in this section, including Grade category, Grade to pass, Attempts allowed, and Grading method.

If the Gradebook has categories for Quizzes or Exams, instructors should choose the appropriate category from the Grade category drop-down list. If there are no categories set up in the gradebook, keep 'Not categorized' selected.

Grade to pass will display students' grades in either green (passing) or red (did not pass). This does not affect students' grades, but in the gradebook, the color of the grades will help instructors see at a glance which students may need additional support.

Instructors can set a range of Attempts allowed (1-10) or an unlimited number of attempts. If the number of attempts is greater than 1, instructors must choose the Grading method. The options are to take the highest grade, average grade, first attempt, or last attempt. 

Quiz Grade category options

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