OneNote 2016: Insert a Table

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Insert a Table: 

OneNote offers a couple of ways to insert tables into your notes.

1. Select the Insert tab. Then, select Table.

Insert Table option

2. Now, hold your mouse pointer above the white boxes to determine the size of your table and click when finished.

Insert Table option

The other way to create a table in OneNote is by pressing the Tab key after a word. This will place the word before it into a cell and create another cell in the row after it. Each time you press Tab another cell will be added to the row, creating new columns in the process. To create a new row in the table, press the Enter key at the end of the row. 

NOTE: You cannot disable the Tab to insert table feature. In order to Tab across the document, you must click outside the dialog box, then press Tab.

Table-related keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt + Enter (Insert another line of text inside a cell)
  • Ctrl + Enter (Insert a row below the current cell)
  • Ctrl + Enter + E (Insert a column to the right of the current cell)
  • Ctrl + Enter + R (Insert a column to the left of the current cell)

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