OneNote 2016: How to Adjust Images or Text Boxes

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Adjust Images or Text Boxes: 

When you type something in the window or insert a picture, file, or screen clipping a box will appear around the text/image.

homepage with image


1. To adjust the image size, hover the mouse pointer over any of the eight white boxes surrounding the image and drag inwards or out to decrease or increase size.

2. You can also move the image by clicking in the middle of it and dragging it.

3. For textboxes, move your mouse pointer over the top bar until a 4-headed arrow appears. Then, click and drag the box anywhere on the page. To adjust the size of the box, move your mouse pointer over the two arrows in the upper-right corner and click and drag to adjust.

insert text tab

4. If you want to move two separate lines of text to different locations, click on the 4-headed arrow icon to the left of the text line and drag the text anywhere on the page.

moving text/text boxes

 move text in text box

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