OneNote 2016: Group Existing Pages

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Group Existing Pages: 

When a user finds that separate pages contain related information, they can easily group specific pages into one related section. This will help organize information by automatically transforming the related pages into sub-pages.

1. Right-click the tab of the page you wish to merge. Select Merge into Another Section.

merge into another section tab

2. Select the section you wish to merge the current section to and click Merge.

 merge section tab

3. Click Merge Sections when prompted to complete the process. 

merge completion window

Referenced from: C:\F23A6B05\29297ED2-9560-4096-8AD2-3F1100B7B397_files\image005.pngC:\F23A6B05\29297ED2-9560-4096-8AD2-3F1100B7B397_files\image006.pngC:\F23A6B05\29297ED2-9560-4096-8AD2-3F1100B7B397_files\image007.pngC:\F23A6B05\29297ED2-9560-4096-8AD2-3F1100B7B397_files\image008.pngC:\F23A6B05\29297ED2-9560-4096-8AD2-3F1100B7B397_files\image009.png

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