Locomotive: Installation Instructions (Mac)

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To Install Locomotive on your Mac:

1. Download Locomotive from Sourceforge.

2. Open the link from the downloads section of your dock.

Locomotive in downloads folder

3. A window will pop up with only the Locomotive folder in it. Double click the folder in the middle of the window.

the Locomotive folder in a window

4. Another window will pop up with the Locomotive application and a folder next to it. Click the application, located to the left of the folder.

Locomotive application next to another folder

5. Click the Open button at the bottom right corner of the confirmation pop up window that appears.

confirmation window on mac screen

6. Locomotive has been installed. The program will open and a shortcut has been placed on the desktop.


Referenced from: doc.locomotivecms.com

2/1/2018 11:20:03 AM