Using Avaya 4620 Voice Over IP Phone

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Using your

Avaya 4620

Voice Over IP Phone



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Message Waiting Indicator

When lit, indicates you have a message waiting on your voice messaging system.

Line/Feature Buttons

Twelve Line/Feature buttons provide both call appearances (lines for incoming and outgoing calls) and application-specific functionality.


Used to navigate to, or start application-specific actions, such as Call a number, Cancel the current activity, Save entered data, and Store a speed dial label.

Hold Button

Red button used to place a call on hold.

Transfer Button

Transfers a call to another phone.

Conference Button

Sets up conference calls with more than one other person.

Drop Button

Drops the last person added to a Conference call or ends the current call,

Redial Button

Redials the last number dialed from the phone or displays a list of the last six numbers dialed for selection.

Speaker Button

Accesses the Speakerphone feature. The light next to the button will indicate if Speaker is Active or not

Mute Button

Turns off the active Speakerphone, handset, or headset microphone, to prevent the other person from hearing you. The light next to the button will indicate if Mute is Active or not

Volume Buttons

Adjusts the handset, speaker, headset, or ringer volume, depending on which item is in use.




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