Microsoft Office 2016: Verify Activation & Determine Expiration Date

Verify A Successful License Activation:

1. Open Microsoft Word 2016.

2. Click File.

the file tab at the top left.

3. Click Account.

the Account button on the left sidebar.

4. Look to see if the program reads "Product Activated" under the Office logo.

Office 2013 Information with Product Activated underneath the logo.



You MUST repeat these steps every 180 Days to Re-Activate, otherwise the license will become inactive and Expire.

Determine When Your License Will Expire

1. Open a Command Prompt (go to your start menu search bar and type "cmd" then press enter).

2. Type:   cd \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16 


    Type:   cd \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16

cmd with the cd command shown

3. Press Enter.

4. Then Type:   cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus

cmd window with the cscript command shown

5. Press Enter.

6. This will give you the Date that your license will Expire, if Activated through the Enterprise Server or KMS.

8/5/2020 4:55:18 PM