LSUMail: Set Up Outlook 2016 (Mac)


To Set Up Outlook 2016 on Mac

1. Log into Outlook.

2. If it is your first time using Outlook, then click Add Account. If not, go to step 4.

'add account' button highlighted

3. Select Exchange or Office 365, then skip to step 6.

 'exchange or office 365' option in outlook setup

4. Click the Tools tab and then click Accounts.

tools tab and accounts button

5. At the bottom corner of the Accounts window, select + and then Exchange....

exchange option under the account options

6. Enter your full email address for both the E-mail address and User name fields, then enter your LSUMail password.

NOTE: If the "Configure automatically" is unchecked, a text box will appear asking you to enter server information. Enter

Input boxes for entering account information

7. Click Add account to finish setting up your account. Your emails will be imported automatically.

Referenced from: Microsoft

7/5/2018 1:13:44 PM