Office 2016 (Mac): Installation Instructions

This article has not been updated recently and may contain dated material.

To Install Office 2016 from Tigerware:

  1.  Download Office 2016 from TigerWare.

Office 2016 in Tigerware

2. Double-click the Office 2016 file in the Downloads window.

Office 2016 Installer Package

3. The Introduction should appear. Click Continue.

Begin Installation screen

4. Read the Software License Agreement, and select Continue.

Continue button

5. Click Agree to continue with the installation.

User agreement

6. Select Install.

Install button

7. Enter your username and password and click Install Software. (NOTE: You will need to enter the password used to access your computer in the password field.)

Password screen

8. It may take a few minutes to install.

9. A completion screen will appear. Office 2016 is now installed on your computer.

Installation Complete Screen

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