Windows 10: New Features


What's New in Windows 10:

User receives several new features when upgrading to Windows 10. Some of the many new features include:

  • The Start menu from Windows 7 returns to Windows 10. The new interface allows it to contain the same "Start menu" feel that Windows 7 contained as well as some of the features that the start screen of Windows 8 had. 
  • Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is the new Windows 10 browser replacing the old Internet Explorer out of Windows. Microsoft Edge includes new features such as the hub while incorporating a faster internet browsing experience.
  • Windows Hello: Windows Hello is an improved way to start your device with Windows 10; it features several new ways to log into your user such as face or iris recognition (as long as your device supports it).
  • New App Store: The new store features a variety of different applications that work through all your Windows 10 devices. It is easily accessible and contains games, music, videos, and other useful applications.
  • Cortana: Cortana is a personal assistance tool that you can "speak" to through your microphone; it can aid you in searches through the device, but it contains way more features such as reading emails, setting up meetings, and others. 

For more information about the features you will gaining and requirements for these, view the following Microsoft site.


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