OneNote 2013: Change Number and Location of Backup Files and Manual Backups

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By default, OneNote will store two backup copies of your notes: the most recent copy and the second-to-last copy. If desired, you can choose to store more or fewer backup copies.

To Change Number and Location of Backup Files and Manual Backups:

1. Go to File then select Options.

onenote options button

2. In the Category list on the left of the OneNote Options window, select Save & Backup.

3. Under Backup, in the Number of backup copies to keep box, enter the number of copies of your notes that OneNote should store.

NOTE: To change the default location for storing backup files, stay in the Save & Backup category to find the Save section. Here you can modify the locations where OneNote saves your Quick Notes Section, your Backup Folder, and your Default Notebook Location. Select the item you wish to change and click Modify.

save and back up section

4. In the Select Folder dialogue box, navigate to the location of the folder where you want OneNote to store backup files, then click Select.

NOTE: To manually backup all changed files, stay in the Save & Backup category to find the Backup section. Click Back Up Changed Files Now. To manually backup all notebooks, stay in the Save & Backup. Click Back Up All Notebooks Now.

back up changed files and back up all notebooks buttons

NOTE: To restore your notes from a Backup file, click the File tab and select Open. Locate the folder containing the backup file where your notes were last saved and select your notes. Click Open.

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