LSUMail: Export Email (Outlook 2011)

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Important Notes Before Exporting:

1. Make sure all folders are up to date before attempting to begin:

  • Click the Update Folder button in Outlook, then

update folders button in top left of send receive menu

  • Check the status bar for the All Folders Are Up To Date status message, located at the right.

all folders are up to date status message at bottom of window

2. Make sure you have a big enough hard drive for the emails; this is particularly important if you are on an LSU-owned computer trying to export a file to an external storage device.

3. Make sure you have a reliable, uninterrupted connection. Exporting emails, on average, is a lengthy process that will take some time. Wireless connections may work but it is highly advisable for email boxes more than 5GB in size that you are connected via an ethernet cable to the LSU network. If you are not on an ethernet connection and wish to be on it, please ask your TSP and see the article Bluecat DRP: Register Your Computer.

 If you do not follow these notes before beginning, you are much more likely to get errors or unsuccessfully export all of your emails. Please carefully ensure that you have done these three steps before beginning.


To Export Emails from Outlook 2011:

1. in the top-left corner of the screen, click the File dropdown menu. Click Export

Outlook File drop down menu with Export selected

2. Select Outlook for Mac Date File (.olm), then click the Arrow

Select the file-types you wish to export. 

the Export window with file types selected

3. Select No or Yes to determine whether you want to keep or delete the files you export. 

Export- Delete After Exporting window with "No, do not delete" select

4. Click the folder you want to save the exported files in. Change the name, if you wish. Click Save.

Save window with the destination and file name options

5. The exported files are now saved in the designated folder. Click Done to exit the window.

completed export window


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