Wireless: Delete eduroam Wireless Network (Windows 8.1)

This article has not been updated recently and may contain dated material.

General Information

Before proceeding, make sure you have the latest Service Packs and Windows updates installed.  Also make sure your wireless adapter has the latest drivers installed. If your computer has a built-in wireless adapter, download the latest drivers from the computer manufacturer's website. If you have an external wireless adapter, download the latest drivers from the adapter manufacturer's website.

For more information; see Removing Wireless Network Cached Credentials.  (Documentation provided by University of Wisconsin Green Bay.)

Manually Delete a Wireless Network (eduroam)

1. Click on the "wireless signal" icon, located at the bottom right hand side of your screen. 

Internet connection icon on the task bar.

2. From the sidebar on the right, right-click on eduroam and select Forget this network.

The option to "forget this network" for eduroam

12/19/2018 9:50:36 AM